Shaded picture on grain receivals
AS PREDICTED, its been a fraught season for the bulk handlers down the east coast.
Cost of floods more than just financial
“The farmers will be happy with all this rain about, wouldn’t they?” a Melbourne friend asked me recently.
AWB era ends with a whimper, not a bang
AWB shareholders this week voted overwhelmingly to take the money of Canadian agribusiness Agrium and run.
End GM bickering so data can speak
THE ISSUE of genetically modified (GM) wheat is a contentious one, but there’s one unequivocal point in the argument. Australia needs to conduct GM wheat trials.
Foreign ownership not intrinsically evil for grains industry
AUSTRALIAN grain farmers have been fed a steady stream of nationalistic propaganda in regards to ownership of their key retailers and marketers over the years – but is foreign ownership of grains businesses the evil its often made out to be?
Sort out the ports
VIRTUALLY since the ink was dry on the new wheat marketing act ushering in deregulation, there have been concerns surrounding port access.
The bottom line to emerge on GM
AFTER years of largely empty rhetorical battles between pro and anti GM campaigners, the shadow boxing is one step closer to being over, with the news that WA farmers will be able to plant GM canola next season.
Last week’s AWB annual general meeting was vaudeville masquerading as corporate business.
Tricky times ahead in marketing GM crop
AS with all aspects of the GM debate, nothing is ever what it seems.
Spray to be grain industry's 'mulesing'
SPRAYING is the grain industry's mulesing. Ask anyone within the farm chemical industry and they will unequivocally tell you they expect both regulation and public scrutiny to increase in the medium term and certain products to come under scrutiny.
Wheat will never be the same again
July 1 changed everything for wheat growers. No more will AWB have a monopoly on bulk wheat exports, no more will growers have a receiver of last resort for their grain and no more will there likely be any guaranteed access dates for pools. But is that a good thing?
Back on the merry-go-round for GGA
Another year, another controversy it could have done without for the Grain Growers Association.
Time to make a GM decision where it counts
After years of debate, the first plantings of GM canola in Australia are just weeks away, but the question remains: will farmers make a quid out of the new crops?
Those fighting AWB's constitutional change need to realise that symbolism and reality are two separate things.
The predictable howling from economic rationalists over farm drought aid fails to take into account the full picture
The Wheat08 website goes against its purpose and harms the free marketing case. What do you think?
It is good to see WEMA has made a decisive decision regarding its plan for a single desk operator - but the devil lies in the detail.
The upcoming six months will decide the future of biotechnology in Australia forever. Finding a compromise on adventitious presence (AP) levels is crucial to allow co-existence between those who wish to grow GM and those that don't.
The NFF's glee at the decision to allow EC-declared farmers to defer minimum wages increases does nothing to address the issue of the growing skill shortage in agricultural Australia.
AWB has said the only way it can pursue its demerger is if industry elects to set up an essential services single desk operator - is this the best option for wheat growers?
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AFGRI Equipment has a limited number of new John Deere S700 Series combine harvesters available for this harvest.16 Sep 18 AFGRI Equipment has a limited number of new John Deere S700 Series combine harvesters available for this harvest.
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