Chooks ignored in argument over free range egg labelling
BE ALERT and alarmed – Australian governments are determined to regulate the egg market.
Kidman decision not a smart one
THERE is nothing intelligent about the decision to ban the sale of cattle stations to foreign investors.
Levy system must be accountable
IT IS inherently unfair to be required to pay for a system but have no say in how it works - welcome to the world of agricultural levies.
End the squabbling over free range
TO scramble the metaphors, various thin-shelled types are running around like headless chooks over free-range eggs, proclaiming the sky will fall.
The budget: a liberal solution
IT IS within the government's power to deliver a budget surplus, and it's the government's responsibility to do so, says DAVID LEYONHJELM.
Farmers must 'destroy' PETA
THE PETA campaign against the wool industry signals a new episode in the organisation’s long-standing crusade to demonise the industry.
FIRB 'screen' locks out investors
NEW foreign investment rules for agricultural land purchases will choke farm sales in red tape, says DAVID LEYONHJELM.
The ethical dilemma
IF everyone decided investing in agriculture was unethical, we would soon run out of food - so which fund manager should we eat first?
Dumb and dumber: the raw facts
IT SEEMS astonishing that people choose to reject the very science that can save their lives.
When the price is right
SOME farmers yearn for the power to set the price of their products. It’s a yearning that leads to calls for subsidies and forced collectivism.
Digging a money pit
DROUGHT assistance schemes should not be considered unless they can be shown to succeed where others have failed, says DAVID LEYONHJELM.
'Luddites' stifling free choice
ANYTHING animal activists chooses to define as ‘industrial’ farming can expect to be targeted as retailers listen to the loudest voices.
No need to copy Kiwis
THE Productivity Commission is the first to acknowledge that the grass is greener on the other side of the Tasman. But they mean it literally.
Farming's fair weather friends
THERE are many people who, despite having trouble identifying which end of a sheep eats grass, nonetheless claim to be totally on side with farmers.
Speak up about levies
IN case you have not heard, a Senate committee is inquiring into how levies are imposed, collected and used.
Co-opting the co-ops
THE rest of the country might be embracing free market capitalism, but in agriculture the lure of socialism is never far from the surface.
Taxation with representation
WHEN I moved to disallow regulations to increase certain ag levies, you would think it signalled the end of the world as we know it.
Bringing democracy back to ag levies
IN July I moved a motion to prevent an increase in certain levies - my aim is to bring about long overdue reform of all ag levies.
What’s in a bowl?
APPARENTLY - says Barnaby Joyce - it’s not OK to describe Australia’s agricultural future as “the food bowl of Asia”.
Price takers not 'rulemakers'
IT IS common to hear it said that farmers are price takers, leading to claims that they therefore warrant special consideration.
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