Hockey's game missed the goal
HOW might things have been different if ADM had bought GrainCorp? The main difference would have been its willingness to invest in storage and logistics.
A case of organic proportions
THE WA court case between farmers growing organic canola and GM canola has the potential to define property rights for a generation.
Ag not a 'special case'
THE solution to excessive debt is not more debt: there is no justification for relieving debt-burdened farmers of their debts so they can borrow more.
Send out the clones
A BAN on using cloned animals for food production reminds us we sometimes make choices that have very negative long term consequences.
'Special' label unwarranted
ATTEMPTS to exempt certain groups from a particular tax or regulation because they're seen as "special" doesn't wash.
Abolishing the ag department
JUST as we have no need for a powerful department to “coordinate” our coal industry, we do not need such a department for agriculture.
GM stance costs us all
THE rest of Australia needs to stop pandering to Tasmania's expensive fantasies - such as remaining GM-free to the agriculture sector's detriment.
'Do nothing' a rare approach
AN amazing thing happened at Christmas - the government accepted recommendations to do nothing over wheat stocks.
It’s the Ma and Pa of it
THERE are basically two types of farms in Australia now – those that are large, commercial and profitable, and those that rely on off-farm income to survive.
'Frankenfish': food's future
THERE is an entire industry fixated on preventing food from genetically modified sources from reaching our plates. The problem is not that these people are obsessed, but that they inflict their obsessions on society.
Jackman saves the banks
THE rate of decline for Elders has accelerated during Jackman’s tenure. Over the five years in which he held the job, the company lost a total of $1.59b. So how much worse could it have been?
ADM dodges a bullet
DEAR ADM – consider yourselves lucky. Your first responsibility is to your shareholders. The offer to purchase GrainCorp was too generous and you would have struggled for years to generate a decent return.
Free doesn't mean happy
THE assumption that free-range chickens are happier than those kept in cages turns out to be wrong.
GM crop Luddism
THE SA government recently extended its moratorium on the cultivation of genetically modified crops - but the reasons offered for this were ludicrous.
Open for which business?
TRADE leads to prosperity, and free trade leads to more of it. If the government keeps GrainCorp in local hands, why not support unilateral free trade? The market will do the rest.
ESCAS skewing priorities
WHAT does it say about our priorities as a nation that we should seek to impose our standards of animal welfare on other countries while saying nothing about human rights issues that scream out for attention?
No skin in the game
THE only people whose opinions matter in the WCB bid debate are the shareholders. Their shares are private property, over which they should have sole authority.
Private rights a public concern
THOSE who believe in property rights ought to be concerned whenever governments seek to limit them.
Free trade? sounds fair
WHAT would you think if Victoria prohibited the importing of Queensland bananas because Queenslanders refused to buy Victorian milk, preferring to prop up their own dairy farmers?
Cracking the right 'vibe'
THE UK virus that infected Coles a couple of years ago and led to it adopting populist animal rights-based policies has appeared to have spread to Woolworths.
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