Sell the farm to SBY
THE Indonesians are now demonstrating they don’t trust us by seeking to invest in cattle properties in Australia, thanks to the previous government’s sudden ban on live cattle exports in June 2011.
Money doesn't grow on trees
IT IS difficult to imagine a more wretched waste of money than paying farmers to plant trees that cannot be harvested for a century.
Strangling the golden goose
EXCESSIVE regulation afflicts all industry, but agriculture is an area in which Australia enjoys a natural competitive advantage and it is in no one’s interest to have consumers paying more and farmers making less.
Xenophobia hurting ag
WHILE their colleagues were out campaigning to keep their jobs, several Senators have been busy saving the country from evil foreigners and their filthy money.
Duelling duopolies
DUOPOLIES are pretty common in Australia: think Qantas and Virgin, Telstra and Optus, David Jones and Myer, Ford and Holden, Fairfax and News, even Liberal and Labor. And of course there are Woolworths and Coles.
Feeding the world's poor
ACCORDING to the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, of all the interventions to reduce poverty, improving agricultural productivity is the best. Nothing else works as efficiently.
Land subsidies 'immoral'
IT IS not unusual to hear claims that while it was once relatively easy for young people to become a farmer, that is no longer the case. Land prices, it's said, are simply out of their reach.
Weighing up choices
CHOICES and trade-offs are part of life, and in agriculture, that's particularly the case in the relationship between foreign investment and access to export markets.
Food plan fantasy
DO YOU remember the National Food Plan? It arrived back when Julia Gillard was PM and Joe Ludwig Minister for Agriculture.
The sky isn't falling
YOU would think the sky had fallen when the Queensland government recently amended its animal welfare regulation to allow free range egg farmers to stock up to 10,000 hens per hectare.
Ag stock's rude shock
LET'S suppose you work in agriculture, broadly defined, and you think you know it fairly well.
Capital and control
THERE are ways in which SunRice could increase its capital without allowing outsiders to own shares, but none of them is consistent with the assumption that the company exists for the benefit of rice growers.
Old MacDonald runs the farm
MOST people are aware that the median age of farmers in 2011 was 53 and rising. This is not the average - it means half of all farmers are older than 53.
Privatise our parks
IN the world outside Australia, things are quite often done differently. The ownership and management of national parks is a good example.
Beef faces a fish fight
A REPORT shows that in 2011, for the first time in modern history, world farmed fish production topped beef production.
Free to disagree
THE Federal Court has decided the term ‘free to roam’ cannot be applied to certain chickens - essentially taking sides in what amounts to a fundamental disagreement over intensive agriculture.
Welcome foreign buyers
THERE seems to be a bit of a problem with farm values. By all accounts they are falling, at least in some areas, and quite a few farms are not worth as much as their owners need to support debt.
Beware ag's Trojan Horse
HOW would you feel if the government had rules specifying what time of the year you could apply fertiliser?
Handouts handover?
AFTER a century of handing out vast amounts of taxpayers’ money to farmers in the US, a revolt is occurring.
Processing the problem
AUSTRALIA is losing its fruit and vegetable processing industry.
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