Food plan ignores northern obvious
THE idea that Australia should treat its vast northern regions as unproductive and incapable of contributing to global food security defies common sense, writes DAVID LEYONHJELM.
DOES it make sense to generically promote a commodity such as lamb, wool or wheat? Do the returns justify the cost?
FOOT and Mouth Disease (FMD) is near the top of the list of exotic diseases to scare the public and governments. Many people have memories of the 2001 outbreak in Britain in which over 10 million sheep and cattle were slaughtered.
Will Pfizer spin-off leave cupboard bare?
PFIZER'S plan to spin-off its animal health business comes with many positives, but also one rather problematic negative, writes DAVID LEYONHJELM.
Questioning the wisdom of Elders
IN 2001 Elders had net equity of $741 million and generated earnings per share of 13.2 cents, representing 11.1pc return on equity. The company’s market capitalisation was $734 million.
CBH - it's time to let go
GROWERS don't really own CBH and it no longer provides control over the market, so why is this anachronism allowed to survive, asks DAVID LEYONHJELM.
Organic food - non-existent honesty
RECENTLY the ABC reported on the discovery of benzene and possibly synthetic nitrates in organic food - I regularly hear stories about organic farmers who have resorted to spraying their crops in order to avoid a catastrophic loss.
Cloning test for Food Plan
LIVESTOCK cloning has the chance to make a real difference to animal protein production, and Australia should lead the way, writes DAVID LEYONHJELM.
An appropriate level of protection
AUSTRALIA'S approach to biosecurity policy has gotten us into trouble with other nations, and it's time to fix that, writes DAVID LEYONHJELM.
Showing the value of food science
THE Institute of Food Science has just launched an awareness campaign to explain what would happen if all our food producers rejected modern science.
Debt lessons from across the ditch
RESTRICTING foreign investment has left the NZ dairy industry in a massive debt trap, and we can't afford to let the same happen here, writes DAVID LEYONHJELM.
Organic food - it’s a religion
NO INTELLIGENT person would choose organic food over conventional food on objective grounds. Its support is based on a number of false assumptions, writes DAVID LEYONHJELM.
Peak ethanol - and that's a good thing
THE future of ethanol as a major fuel source is limited, writes DAVID LEYONHJELM.
The APVMA called to account
QUESTIONS are being asked of the APVMA's ability to deliver, and some suggest corporate governance or leadership could be possible causes of its problems, writes DAVID LEYONHJELM.
AgResults a drop in the bucket
WHILE some of the AgResults schemes are probably sound, our $20m would have been better spent promoting modern production methods and free trade, writes DAVID LEYONHJELM.
Property rights gone for the 'general good'
FARMERS have watched in dismay as their property rights have dwindled in the face of government encroachments, always defended as for the “general good of the whole community”, writes DAVID LEYONHJELM.
Farmers don't need other people's money
INSTEAD of giving farmers more money, governments should simply get out of their way, writes DAVID LEYONHJELM.
Lindberg case reminds us why AWB didn't work
THE Andrew Lindberg case shows how easily corruption can flourish when markets are distorted, writes DAVID LEYONHJELM.
Is Ruralco looking at live export?
GIVEN John Maher's history within Elders, don't be surprised if Ruralco ends up with Elders' live export assets, writes David Leyonhjelm.
For all the wine in China
AS THE Chinese grow more affluent, Australian viticulturists will benefit from their increased taste for wine, writes David Leyonhjelm.
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