Round up facts about chemicals
A RECENT announcement by the IARC that glyphosate was "probably carcinogenic" was always going to cause concerns.
Not the time for glypho guesswork
ALARM bells ring when a chemical is said to be carcinogenic, creating chaos among consumers.
Brand Aus: delivering on the promise
ONCE a description of fit and function, the term “quality” is being extended to less tangible things like ethics, environment and safety.
Hope grows from poll chaos
THE already chaotic Queensland election is about to become a lot messier as Labor and the LNP continue to grapple for power.
Where is ag's recognition?
PRIMARY industry has gone largely unrecognised, yet again, in the Australia Day Honours list.
Biosecurity boundary blues
IT IS time for a frank discussion about biosecurity.
Richie's spin wrong for Aussie lamb
MLA's decision to use Richie Benaud to promote lamb on Australia Day would have made sense if the year was 1961 and not 2015.
Trusting the insurance safety net
INSURANCE companies aren’t usually a farmer’s best friend, but Australia's ag sector has big potential for risk management products.
Climatic volatility an urgent concern
THE time for discussion on how to best manage our notoriously fickle climate is not when cattle bones glisten on parched, bare earth.
Business on the halal battleground
NEWS that a SA agribusiness had been unfairly targeted by an anti-halal organisation, and almost lost a $50k contract, is disappointing.
THE impact of this drought is shaping up as long term and has highlighted shortcomings in research and development that could otherwise have helped farmers adapt.
Overreacting to ABC cuts
SADLY in politics perception is reality, and for now the truth is made of plasticine that changes colour to suit its intermittent environment
Welfare advocates cruel on facts
SUGGESTIONS animal cruelty will escalate under a new live cattle export arrangement between Australia and China should be viewed with scepticism.
Getting doctors to the bush is just the start
THE statistics on declining life expectancy outside our big cities paint a damning picture of not only the health care inequalities between rural and urban Australia, but highlights the importance of education around healthy lifestyle choices and the facilities that make healthy living possible.
Ban’s effects still sting, three years later
THE poor decisions around the 2011 live export ban keep coming back to bite us.
AgForce must come clean on CSG
AN ominous warning was sounded to landholders this month, alerting those on the agriculture and mining belts that peak production of CSG is yet to occur.
Overhauling ag’s image
MATT Linnegar’s comment that Australians need to drop the city-country divide stereotype may be stating the obvious, but it’s a necessary message all the same.
Mobile black spots: who gets the money?
AUSTRALIANS have nominated 6000 mobile phone black spots which will compete for $100 million in federal funding.
Pricing structure unfair for irrigators
THE price of coal might have been on an overall decline since early 2011, but electricity costs for irrigators have continued to increase.
Industry not ready to deregulate - yet
THE move towards port deregulation sees the markets in awkwardly countering positions, but is the east coast really winning out at the expense of the west?
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Australia's live animal trade is nothing but a blood stained industry that suits those who
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