Levy lobby's heavy load
IF A Senate inquiry into the distribution of beef cattle levies gets up, the committee members deserve some sympathy - for starters, think of the paperwork.
Performance anxiety
THE prime lamb industry has come a long way in the past 30 to 40 years.
Frost's cruel timing
THERE'’S never a good time for frost damage –but this year’'s widespread damage from frost, stretching across south-eastern Australia is especially cruel.
Drought's drastic demands
DROUGHT is demanding some hard questions of producers in the northern half of Australia, and it’s going to throw some hard questions at Canberra.
Hollow support from Woolies
WOOLWORTH'S backing of Tasmania's ailing vegetable processor Simplot could be perceived as superficial, with the announcement possibly highlighting the supermarket's aggressive public relations campaigns more than supporting an industry.
Reliance on US exposed
CHINA’S call for the world to "de-Americanise" the global economy in the wake of the US government shutdown was heavy on symbolism.
Not ideal: hindering production
INCREASINGLY one of the biggest hinderances to farming is the battle farmers face with social idealism.
Labelling law confusion
WOOLWORTHS has taken the decision to stock Australian only produce in its tinned fruit lines.
Lacklustre ride to nowhere
THE policies of Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd, chiseled out in the five-week run-up to the 2013 federal election on Saturday, have less impressed, and more perplexed, voters searching for that cutting-edge, visionary idea to restore their faith in Australia’s political system.
Policy's timely arrival
THE Federal Coalition has moved to dispel accusations of lethargic agriculture policy development with a bold announcement on Thursday to boost spending on the research sector of the industry in a bid to lift farm productivity.
Wasted resources, broken promises
THE lack of meaningful policy in the run-up to September 7 mirrors the way in which politicians allow themselves license in 'now' to justify broken promises post-election.
Answering call of the bush
NEWS that northern NSW farmer Penny Blatchford will run on the Greens’ Senate ticket in NSW should send a timely reminder to the Coalition – and specifically The Nationals - that it cannot afford to take its heartland for granted.
Timing key for ADM bid
DONE correctly, the proposed sale of GrainCorp to American grains giant ADM can be a real positive for our industry, but the current state of flux is not the time to rush a deal through.
Labor's excess baggage
LABOR candidates in NSW will carry more than the baggage of the federal government's record on issues such as live export and its ongoing leadership tussles into the election.
Keeping ag on trend
SPEAKING to producers about the upcoming federal election this week, the common theme wasn't a policy or a party but rather the resignation that agriculture would once again be left off the campaign agenda.
Social media's 'agvocates'
HAVING spoken to those at the forefront of social media use within agriculture over the past week, there is one message I have been hearing loud and clear.
ADM's charm failure
ARCHER Daniels Midland (ADM) must be re-evaluating the success of its recent charm offensive.
Cash in on fish boom
AS THE fish farming boom “grows legs” and continues its surge past beef in terms of volume of protein produced globally, Australia needs to take a serious look at how to cash in on this relatively new agricultural industry.
Online lifeline for small business
THE realisation that small, independent and efficient business models can fulfil the aspirations of those wishing to test their talents on the open market is no longer surprising, and nor are the success stories a rarity.
Making sense of Asian century
IF I HAD a dollar for every time someone had pointed to Asia as the key for Australian agriculture in the future, I’d be a wealthy man.
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