Not your 'average Joe'

It seems Joe Hockey can’t open his mouth lately without shooting himself in the foot

“GET a good job that pays good money” - surprise, surprise, this statement by Treasurer Joe Hockey last week was another case of him shooting himself in the foot.

He was referring to how the 'average Joe' (and that’s definitely not Joe Hockey) could manage to afford a house in Sydney.

It appears that he can’t open his mouth lately without saying something stupid.

According to one economist the median house price in Sydney is now close to $1 million - and for average Joe to be able to buy one, he/she would need to be earning $150,000 per year.

This throwaway line came from a man who has a house in Sydney's Hunters Hill valued at more than $5 million, and who receives $270 a night accommodation expenses when he travels to Canberra, to stay at a house he owns close to Parliament House.

On top of this, Hockey already has a “good job that pays well” – hundreds of thousands per year, from what I understand.

I wonder if after bandaging that foot of his - which he has shot so many times in the past year - he might just have enough bandages left over to create a gag for his mouth.

What is most worrying is that the stupid statements he has made must be a reflection on his intelligence - and this man is supposed to be one of the sharper tools in Australia’s economic shed.

It's hard to imagine him being brought into line by the Prime Minister, as he is also looking increasingly like another very blunt tool.

I believe the two of them should take a serious look at the John Howard-Peter Costello manual on how to run an effective and profitable government and adopt that as policy, not straying at all from the dogma.

At this point in time the only reason you could imagine this government could be re-elected is that the public won't be able to stomach the alternative - the rabble that the opposition Labor Party now constitutes under the lack of leadership from Bill Shorten.

The closer we get to the next federal election the more likely the possibility that both the Labor and Liberal leadership will radically change. Statements like Joe Hockey's, and a lack of leadership from the PM, surely make this change inevitable.

It seems power brokers in both teams are just waiting for the other to make the first move on a leadership spill.

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