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David Leyonhjelm will be taking a break for the rest of this month and will return in June, as will his regular columns.

Meanwhile, here's some links to his most popular articles of the past three months:

Fruit and veg could kill you

  • BARELY a day goes by in which we are not told to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.
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    Will reason prevail on mulesing?

  • DO reason, common sense and the weight of evidence win in the end? Not always, but at least in the case of mulesing they might be making a comeback.
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    Coles’ free-range headache

  • COLES is now discovering the ephemeral nature of the support of animal rights and consumer advocates.
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    I’m from the government and I’m here to help

  • IF you run a small business such as a dress shop or accounting practice, there are no specialised public servants waiting to give you advice. At best you’ll find someone in the tax office to tell you if something is deductible (and best of luck if you believe them).
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    CSG: our saviour?

  • ALTHOUGH Australia is a prosperous country, are we so wealthy that we can spurn investments that would increase our wealth? Some people certainly think so.
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    Are ag shareholders getting screwed?

  • YOU may have noticed that Australian Agricultural Company (AAC) chief executive officer David Farley got a pay rise last year of 28 per cent, taking his total remuneration to $1.2 million.
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    Greenpeace's greatest crime

  • THERE are about eight million reasons why Greenpeace should be charged with a crime against humanity.
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    Buying the farmer's vote

  • WHEN other people’s money is being thrown about with more than usual gusto, it is usually a sign that an election is not far away. Hence last week’s announcement of assistance to farmers “struggling with acute levels of debt”.
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    David's regular columns will return in June.

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