App to assess hay quality

A NEW app that will allow haymaking contractors and regular hay growers to assess the quality of their product was unveiled at the Australian Fodder Industry Association national fodder conference in Adelaide in August.

Feed Central has developed the app, which will give producers the ability to market their hay more effectively.

Quality assurance and supply manager Ian Wickham said Feed Central was rolling out the program to accredit contractors and growers to do first-round quality assessment and to list hay directly with Feed Central, starting with the coming hay season.

“It’s a great leap forward for the whole fodder industry,” Mr Wickham said.

“There is no national grading system and in the absence of national standards the app helps standardise assessments and gives buyers greater confidence to buy more hay sight unseen while still allowing growers and contractors to market this product through their own channels.

“Growers and contractors will be able to get their product online and available to sell much quicker.

“By answering a few simple questions sellers of fodder are a chance to sell to the domestic database of more than 15,000 buyers within a few days.

“That’s a really powerful tool.”

Mr Wickham said the app would fit in well for those wanting a feed test.

“Buyers are demanding more information on the hay before they buy and it’s not just a feed test they need to know about,” he said.

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