Sharing ag's story with a new generation

THE South Australian creators of George the Farmer are hoping he will become the next beloved children’s animated character.

George teaches young people about the day-to-day lives of Australian farmers and where their food comes from.

Simone Kain and business partner Ben Hood have used their talents to introduce George the Farmer, the first children’s farming story app on the iTunes market.

They both have farming backgrounds and, between them, five young children.

The goal, apart from making a profit, is one Australian farming industries have long been focused on – bridging the gap between consumers and producers.

Although George is a happy farmer, he also battles with nature and a workload that often interferes with his love of Australian football.

The app is designed for two to eight-year-olds but they are confident adults will also relate to it.

The first story in the series involves George planting a wheat crop but further stories are expected to include harvesting the crop, spraying, fencing, making hay and cleaning troughs.

To find out more about the George the farmer app click here

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