Comments of the week: Mar 22-28

When they are all drinking poop water and have their legs crossed then we can talk

LOOKS like the readers of FarmOnline weren’t the only ones fired up by the release of a document outlining plans for a global verification system for sustainable beef. Queensland Senator Ron Boswell also fired up in this article

It was just one of the stories that got you talking this week.

Boswell attacks sustainable beef

hunter: Ah the nanny staters at it again. Have been doing the same thing on our place for 5 generations, that sustainable enough for ya?

The Farmer: I think the sustainability of consumers should be looked at first. They live in huge growing cities breeding like rabbits, air conditioning, desalination plants so their lawns are green. When they are all drinking poop water and have their legs crossed then we can talk.

Victor: This is a pretty predictable response from Ron Boswell. Consumers do have a right to know if cattle farming is sustainable. Very few Australian cattle farmers have anything to fear and if consumers feel strongly enough about this issue they won't buy beef. The producers with the biggest fears will be the Brazilians with its government turning a blind eye to the steady burning and destruction of its rain forests to allow cattle to graze. These carbon sinks are vital to a healthy planet. Australia having good sustainable farming credentials will give us a commercial advantage in the future.

Soil carbon scheme may be blind hope

Nick: Carbon farming is currently putting significant income into the hands of several landholders in drought conditions that otherwise have no income. Certainly better than drought assistance. Soil carbon is a welcome addition.

Ben Keogh: Farmers who make business decisions based on ideological positions are not necessarily doing the right thing by themselves or the farm.

Comments of the weekA selection of the comments that made us think - and, in some cases, chuckle.


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