Comments of the week: Mar 31 - Apr 06

AS the first shipload of Aussie sheep to Bahrain in eight years left Fremantle last week, a Senate move by Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon to block Australia’s live export trade came under fire from Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce – and drew fiery responses from readers and pollies alike.

Greens 'attacking ag': Joyce

Craniologist: The Greens should be congratulated on introducing this bill by all livestock producers. As I see it, this is a very positive way of reducing their electoral support right across the board in rural Australia

John Newton: Hang on. How is it an attack on livestock producers if the meat still leaves the country? As Senator Rhiannon says “The fact that record boxed lamb shipments were sent to the Middle East in the last fiscal year and that Bahrain has totally replaced Australian live sheep imports with the import of Australian meat shows that there is a viable and more humane alternative.” And it seems to be a good boost for rural employment with more would appear once again that lobbyists are trumping good business and governance practices

Rod: It is a nonsense that anyone in this country would contemplate supporting bans on live export of commercially grown animals. Not only do I not support The Greens I no longer support the RSPCA as it has become nothing more than a front for animal activists.

genazzano: Can we export the Greens ??????

Straight away, Senator Lee Rhiannon shot back, saying "Whipping up a tirade about the Greens ... holding producers to “ransom” might work for Mr Joyce’s fondness for colourful language but it does nothing to address the needs of rural communities.":

All guns blazing on live ex

Jo Bloomfield: 'A few rich pastoralists' what a load of rhetoric right there! Lee Rhiannons purpose is of course one nail in the coffin at a time, to ban all live export, with no idea of ramifications on producers. 40% of the NT properties are owner managed. The northern herd already strongly supports meat processing NT send nearly the equivalent to processing as LE, Affect the profitability of LE will be at detriment of processors due to herd loss. with QLD processing beef 49% and exporting 85% of that. Our main meat markets are not cheep meat countries because it is too expensive to produce for them.

Sue Head: Well said Lee, am very over this bully boy tactics that we see by Barnaby Joyce. He after all is responsible under his portfolio for animal welfare, is he not? Joe Hockey prior to the election promised funding for an ab in Qld. Heard nothing since the election around this. About time the govt. stopped investing in Indonesian cattle industry to the tune of $60 million and spend that money here in Aust. to create jobs & boost our economy. We've lost the Russian chilled market as well as Bahrain, and it seems Barnaby is more concerned about creating jobs overseas than here.

But Senator Barry O'Sullivan was determined to put the Greens 'back in their place', saying "These ignorant attacks on our live export industry must end. They are anti-export, anti-employment and threaten our terms of trade":

Greens 'attack' short on facts

Tony B: On the contrary, those supporting the live export of animals are anti-employment, and the reality is that exports should be promoted, but of frozen meat, not "fresh" in the form of live animals. Employment should be kept in Australia, not exported!

ex farmer: Thank you Barry well said. Its pretty easy for the Greens to criticise Australian farmers and exporters while sitting comfortably in Sydney town or off the bridge in Fremantle or even further south from Tasmania. How often do you see them at the top end of Australia doing something positive for producers?

But the final word has to go to:

Qlander: shrug - Who needs boring facts when you have 'feelings'?

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