Comments of the week: March 16-21

THE first draft of a global verification system for sustainable beef was released for comment this week – and on FarmOnline plenty didn’t hesitate to do just that.

Here’s a roundup of some of the comments of the week.

Sustainable beef draft unveiled

"The document put together by the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) after two years of discussion provides a "common baseline understanding" that beef industries in different countries can use to guide development of their own verification systems."

Graybull: "Sustainable" is just a code word for…… "Let us tell you what to do".

Pepper: The buck stops with producers', i.e. they who carry the principle risk....It would then make logic that they should have a major input and receive sustainable returns at the farm gate. Vertical integration discussions do not work...... it's a bit like the government run by the church or lawyers. Democracy works with the separation of powers, not singular overwhelming influence.

Holistic mick: Based on comments many are putting their head in the sand. Get out and take note of what consumers want, you are mostly price takers and this is a strategy to be price makers. It astounds me how pig head producer are when it comes to reading market signals. The attitude is, this is what I produce, not interested in the consumer, who will ultimately determine their future.

John Niven: The real problem is cost of compliance to the producer. There will be no financial benefit to cattle producers, just the angst of big brother looking over your shoulder.

Comments of the weekA selection of the comments that made us think - and, in some cases, chuckle.


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