Sale at Parys

THE Brahman World Congress 2014 sale got underway in Parys, 120 kilometres from Johannesburg, late this afternoon with 45 lots being offered ranging from young heifers through to bulls, semen and embryos.

The sale started in a frenzy with Lot 3, a Rhiugo bull selling for 190,000 Rand ($AUD19,000). A total of 20 semen straws sold for an average of $42 per straw.

The Australian contingent present at the sale were impressed with the quality of the line-up on offer, the similarity to the selling methods used in Australia and the enthusiasm with which bidding took place.

The first Grey bull sold at the sale Lot 6 made 220,000 rand ($AUD22,475) with a package of 20 semen straws from this bull selling for 22,000 rand ($AUD2,250) making the purchase of the bull a sound investment.

Osterloh Mr Manso OBS, Lot 13, was sold for 120,000 Rand and also sold 20 semen straws at $50 per straw. This bull was good buying at $AUD12,260.

A top quality heifer was sold in Lot 14 by my good friends from Kroon Vee Brahman Stud for 40,000 rand ($AUD4,088).

At the time of compilation of this report, Lot 24 is the top female price of the sale. The heifer from Rio Brahmans is by Rio Power Manso, going back to JDH Manso Grande 488, and was purchased for 110,000 Rand ($AUD11,240).

Nedivesd Brahmane Stud sold Lot 34 for 70,000 rand ($AUD7150). Stud owner William Becker is a great friend and gave four of us a lift to the grounds.

Lot 43 HHM Richugo Brahmane Stud sold for 100,000 rand ($AUD10,220). He is a very handy bull with a good body.

The atmosphere at the sale is tremendous, the hospitality of the South African Brahman breeding families has been fantastic and we were treated to yet another, fabulous dinner following the sale.

The evening finished at about 11.00pm after a great Country and Western themed night where the food was great and the entertainment was fantastic, they have really shown us how to party. We have appreciated the friendships that have come out of our tour in this part of South Africa.

Congress ConversationsThe North Queensland Register's Jim Pola is in South Africa for the 17th World Brahman Congress. Congress Conversations is his on-the-road reporting on the ABBA tour.


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