Coulton's Country: animal joy

Animals, no matter how great or small, are a refreshing sight

I READ a quote this week that said, “I never lose. Either I win or I learn”. After contemplating this I have decided it is a great life motto to have. My other motto that I have stood by many years is to find ‘positives’ in the majority of situations I find myself in.

For some inspiration for this week's blog I started looking over my pictures and felt a calming and uplifting sense wash over me while I reflected on photographing animal shots.

Animals, no matter how great or small, are a refreshing sight and their unconditional love should be bottled and stored (or shared – some people need it more than others). Their other big trait is loyalty, their loyalty to us is unconditional as well as trust and the ability to lift spirits in times of need.

Photographing horses is a tricky business and there is a real knack to it. However I really like how the frame has captured Rangeview Equestrian team member Matt Gaske, Rangeview, Kalbar, and Carlson 83 working together to clear the rails in the 6 Bar competition. Click on the image to view this week's Coulton's Country gallery.

I am sure you have heard plenty of remarkable stories where an animal has saved a person's life or a large animal has been careful around a small child. Take Ekka time or other agricultural events where a three-year-old is parading a steer or heifer multiple times their weight. Or someone with behavioural issues has to overcome their own hurdles to be able to work together with an animal and in turn achieve and succeed. What amazing creatures they are. We can learn a lot from all life’s creatures big and small.

Beau taking charge while I photographed Luke and Melissa Hopkins, Ekullem, Wandoan, with their background steers that they sell to a variety of different feedlots.

Enjoy these pictures and I hope in some way they bring a sense of calm over you as well and leave you smiling.

Until next time... Happy Snapping.

Sarah Coulton

Sarah Coulton

is a photographer for Queensland Country Life
Twitter: @QCLSarah_C
Coultons CountryQueensland Country Life photographer Sarah Coulton shows you a glimpse of rural Queensland from behind the lens.


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