Coulton's Country: Ekka highlights

It was great catching up with so many familiar faces

WHAT event in the year triggers you to think how quickly the past twelve months have gone by?

Is it when June comes around and it’s time you lodged your tax again or is it New Year's Day each year? I for one notice how quickly the previous 365 days have gone by when another Brisbane Ekka comes around. How quickly have these past twelve months have flown by – goodness me!

I remember turning up to our QCL shop on August 5, the first Wednesday of the Brisbane Royal Show - led steers day – and feeling like it was only a matter of a few short months since I was last dropping off my laptop and claiming my little pozzie in the hub. For a split second I was thinking, “…this can’t be right, it can’t be Ekka already”. But how quickly you fall back into the swing of things and get on with the job at hand.

Have you ever seen anything like this? To Lyndon Frey's disgust I stupidly asked if this Dorset ram (which went on to be named the champion in the 'any other breed category', could actually see. Lyndon informed me matter-of-factly, "...of course he can see!" Click on the images to view this week's Coulton's Country gallery.

It was great catching up with so many familiar faces and I would like to thank everyone who came up to me and acknowledged my engagement to Rob. How special did I feel – mind you a little red-faced when I was stopped midway through a photo shoot with the great cricketer himself, Adam Gilchrist, to accept a massive hug and kiss on the cheek as a couple of people apologised to Mr Gilchrist for the intrusion and quickly explained that they had to congratulate me on my recent news. Thankfully Adam Gilchrist and the gentlemen from Suncorp saw the funny side of this and congratulated me as well.

What a delight it was photographing former test cricket player Adam Gilchrist, Whitaker Mr E'Vo and Clint Whitaker, Whitaker Brahmans, Mundubbera. All three "models" made the experience a memorable one.

What a memorable Ekka it will be – one to tell the grandkids one day... maybe.

This year for my Coulton’s Country blog I managed to snap a few pictures from some different events going on around the place.

Bob Nuttridge, Silver Fern Dexters, Lockyer Waters, receiving a sneaky kiss while visiting the sheep section at Ekka.

Every year I am surprised with how little I do actually get to cover, even by cutting myself in half I still would not get around everything the Brisbane Royal Show has to offer.

I hope you enjoy this year’s extra little happy snaps and if you like what you see please share them with your friends.

Until next time,

Happy Snapping :-)

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