Coulton's Country: Ekka

With each passing year I form more and more friendships...

ANOTHER one has come and gone! The Brisbane Royal Show is one of our main events that we cover each year and compared with many I am still a spring chicken when it comes to the Ekka.

Every August our lives get put on hold for ten days. We drop everything to take part in one of the biggest date claimers of the year and it is known as "City meets Country". It is a time when the QCL team comes together and we bond, share stories and lift each other’s spirits.

As the years have passed I have met some fantastic people and many have become friends. With each passing year I form more and more friendships and it is a wonderful time to catch up with those that started out as ‘acquaintances’.

Not only that but I get to catch up with old school friends, family and people from my past.

Click on the images below to view a gallery of some of my favourite Ekka snaps.

There is a wide range of things available for the public to see and experience at the Ekka and I believe I would only get to see possibly a quarter of what’s on offer, if not less. A number of years ago I snapped people walking in the grand parade carrying gold fish... now that is a sight to see! I know they judge dogs, cats, chooks, quilts, cakes and plenty more, but unfortunately there are only a select number of places one can be in a short period of time.

2014 is going down as one of the Ekkas to remember because I got to meet the likes of cricketing legend, Ian Healy, and more importantly I shared in a special moment with family.

I was able to watch my three-year-old nephew experience his first dodgem car ride and he loved it! The harder the crashes were the bigger the smiles and chuckles and with each passing lap the excitement grew.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to get to the Ekka, make sure you mark it on your “To Do” list. It really is worth at least one visit.

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