Coulton's Country: Maleny Dairies

They produce milk and so much more...

HAVE you driven through the Sunshine Coast Hinterland? What a glorious place it is.

With lush green valleys and rolling hills that allow you to forget your worries, this is definitely a place to visit during the holidays or on a weekend if you haven’t already done so.

I’ve been to Maleny on a few different occasions and I had heard of Maleny Dairies however I must admit I wasn't exactly sure of what they did or what was on offer.

A part of me pictured Maleny Dairies as a working dairy where they produced and sold their own milk. This they do and yet there is much, much more!

Cocky roaming the fields at Maleny Dairies which looks over the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Click on the images throughout this article to view the gallery from Maleny Dairies.

Maleny Dairies is a family owned and operated business which is, from what I can gather, broken up into three parts – the dairy, the factory and the farm tours. The factory and farm tours are opened daily to the public giving people an opportunity to visit and experience what many of us in the country take for granted.

Maleny Dairies owners Ross and Sally Hopper with tour guides Jill Green, Samara Collard, Kiara Stegman, and the Radburn Family, Rochedale, helping feed the animals on the farm.

Growing up in the bush I remember helping my parents milk the cows, feed the chooks and horses, and play with baby animals that had been abandoned by their mothers. And how could I forget the working dogs, our cat “Rounders” and our loveable house dog “Clydee”. We take these moments in our stride and yet a large number of people don’t even own a pet dog or cat.

For people living on the east coast, in Brisbane and the surrounding areas, this is a perfect way to experience country living in a peaceful and relaxed way. You get to feed the poddy calves, watch the piglets run around and even possibly get to hold a baby chicken, pat the cockatoo and taste milk products. It’s a great way to be educated about on-farm life and to understand how and why things are done the way they are.

Tour guide Kiara Stegman feeding male dairy calves who are kept on-farm to educate people during the daily farm tours.

Looking back over what I have written and checking out the photos has given me a desire to win the lottery and make my very own on-farm experience for town folk.

Now there are only two (BIG) hurdles that I can see with this desire:

1. Location! Location! Location! – Where would you buy land to make this happen?

2. How do I win the Lotto...

Until next time,

Happy snapping.

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