Coulton's Country: meet the team

I want to share with you the pictures of this amazing team

AS I approach my six-year anniversary at Queensland Country Life, I've taken a moment to pause and reflect on the dedicated staff I work with.

These people are hard-working, loyal and willing to go the extra mile because they believe in the product and people we represent.

Queensland Country Life is more than just a newspaper - to me and to many Queenslanders it’s an institution, it’s an icon. You could say it's the meeting place that holds rural Queensland together.

Even though the QCL staff have very different interests, families and lives outside of work – when we unite together to cover an event, we are a force to be reckoned with, and Beef 2015 was a timely reminder of that fact.

Livestock sales representative Jane Lowe, Toowoomba, and Kate Stark, Brisbane, showcasing our "QCL family unit". Click on the images throughout this blog to view this week's Coulton's Country gallery.

This week I wanted to pay tribute to my work colleagues who inspire me, support me and are like a family to me; I am proud to call them my team mates.

While I was not able to capture each and every person I worked with in Rocky at Beef, I feel just as proud of those colleagues who aren't in this gallery. Unfortunately not all our paths crossed at the right time but every person who worked the event deserves a huge pat on the back.

Fairfax Media IT manager Hector Camejo, Brisbane, kept all the technical stuff on track - he was the guru when it came to displaying our pictures up on screen for everyone to peruse.

I wanted to share with you the pictures of this amazing team, to show you what happens behind the scenes and celebrate each and every one of their incredible contributions.

Bundaberg-based senior journalist Ashley Walmsley working his magic.

It is because of these people and more that I have found my passion and had my dreams come to fruition.

Beef Week was five-plus days and nights of non-stop work and fun, filled with exciting events and catch-ups. It was a massive week for the team but thankfully, we made it.

Sarah Coulton

Sarah Coulton

is a photographer for Queensland Country Life
Twitter: @QCLSarah_C
Coultons CountryQueensland Country Life photographer Sarah Coulton shows you a glimpse of rural Queensland from behind the lens.


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