Coulton's Country: St Mary's Crackers

They are passing their knowledge and experiences onto younger generations

IF you have been to any agricultural shows this year then chances are you have seen The Crack Up Sisters.

The Duo “have an enormous love of the Australian bush and relish in the art of being true Aussie scrubber-larrikins”. Their passion for making people of all ages laugh and enjoy themselves is shown through their ability to engage with colourful characters, pranks, dancing and circus antics throughout each comedy show. Not only that they are passing their knowledge and experiences onto younger generations.

The Crack Up Sisters Amanda-Lyn Pearson and Alyssa Venning with whip cracking coach, Paul Sims, Kingaroy. Click on the images throughout this article to view the photo gallery.

In mid-October I was informed that The Crack Up Sisters were possibly performing with the St Mary’s Crackers during the G20 Celebration Parade. With that in mind I headed to St Mary’s Catholic College in Kingaroy and caught up with the whip-cracking students during their full day workshop with Amanda-Lyn Pearson and Alyssa Venning.

Year six student Thomas Kelly shows his skills while two handed whip-cracking.

The Crack Up Sisters were focusing on perfecting a whip-cracking and comedy show the students had written themselves for a performance in Chinchilla the following weekend. The ‘Sisters’ guided the team through different techniques and tricks for when speaking to the public.

The St Mary’s Catholic College students ranged in ages from five years old (Prep) through to thirteen years (Year 9) and goodness me could they crack a whip! Whip-cracking coach Paul Sims had been working with the children for the past twelve months and from what I witnessed there are more students lining up for next years activities.

The Crack Up Sisters Amanda-Lyn Pearson and Alyssa Venning having fun with St Mary's Crackers Louisa Frahm, Hanna Lipsett-Batts, Kate Lipsett-Batts, Tom Pennell, Elke Frecklington, Olivia Frahm, Steph Arrell, Khyla Thompson, Meg Wernecke and Thomas Kelly.

It is great to see teachers and schools acknowledging children’s interests and building on them.

This week I was informed that the St Mary’s Crackers did perform at the G20 celebrations in Brisbane and that it was an eye-opener for all involved.

Friendships are formed and others grow stronger like Jorja Curran and Meg Wernecke's while being a part of the whip-cracking team.

I look forward to not only running into the Crack Up Sisters again during the 2015 show season but more so hearing the load cracks and yahoos of children and adults as they watch the St Mary’s Crackers perform throughout south east Queensland.

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