Putting a name to the face

While travelling around this great big state I have met a wide range of characters ...

WHAT a month it has been so far! With Farmfest over for another year, I got to thinking about how many great people I have met in my travels with Queensland Country Life.

This job has given me an opportunity to meet some incredible people and many friendships have been formed over the past five years. While travelling around this great big state I have met a wide range of characters from farmers to politicians, children to celebrities and old-timers to newborns. Though each person I meet does not necessarily leave an imprint, many do.

Rob and Ainsley McArthur, from Mystery Park, St Lawrence, and their children, Hamish, Lachlan, Tess, Andrew, Adelaide and Eliza. Click to see the photo gallery.

When I first started this job I hated not being able to remember everyone that crossed my path. I have never been great with names and these days it takes a few encounters before a person’s face will lodge in my memory - and some time after that I can put a name to that face. Please accept my apologies if you have been on the receiving end of one of my ‘vague’ moments and again I am sorry for the people I do this to in the future!

Photographic artist Julie Jones. Click to see the photo gallery.

I remember a few years back I was covering a weaner sale and had a gentleman come up and start chatting to me. Within seconds he realised that I did not recognise him and informed me that I had a shocking memory. I asked him to give me a couple of hints and he informed me that I had been out to his property and taken pictures of his cattle. That unfortunately was no help and I explained that I had taken many pictures of people with their cattle. Again he commented on just how bad my memory was and he couldn’t believe I had no recollection of who he was.

Feeling a little beaten, I apologised and asked how long ago it was since I went out to his place and took these pictures. He replied that I had only just started working for QCL. Coming to my own defence I stated that was at least two years ago and everything was extremely new to me back then.

Still feeling a little disheartened that I couldn’t remember this gentleman I returned to work and mentioned it to a senior work colleague. He reassured me and told me that the same thing had happened to him many times before. He continued by saying that what some people don’t realise is that they may meet 50 new people a year if they are lucky.

Working in the environment that we do, we meet and talk to hundreds of people each month and there is no way you are ever going to remember everyone.

John Bolstad with his pet goat. Click to see the photo gallery.

So with that newfound knowledge I now tell people at the end of a job if they ever see me out and about again please come up and say hello. After the formal greetings, jog my memory with something that made us all laugh on the day or that one moment that you know will take me straight back to the photo shoot. Saying that I took your picture at a show or like the man with the cattle doesn’t quite take me back there.

The pictures that I have included in this week’s blog are some of those memorable moments which turn total strangers into something more. I may not remember their names in years to come, but if they were to mention a certain detail from the day I could recall these images. After all a picture tells a thousand words.

Sarah Coulton

Sarah Coulton

is a photographer for Queensland Country Life
Twitter: @QCLSarah_C
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25/06/2014 9:18:01 AM

Thanks Jane! How could I ever forget those parties. Some of my fondest memories :) xx
16/06/2014 4:16:20 PM

Great blog, Sarah. I don't remember you having a bad memory at all!! You always remembered to come to the boxing day party at Sandalwoods .....
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