The kids of the bush

As a country kid you learn from a very young age about life and death and everything in between

THEY say you can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl - and I for one can vouch for that.

There may be significant differences between city kids and country kids but when it all boils down they are all just little people who want to learn, love and be loved.

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As a country kid you learn from a very young age about life and death and everything in between, from watching a cow give birth to a newborn calf or having to put a favourite injured animal down. It may seem harsh to some and not what young children should be witnessing, but on the land it is a part of life - and respect and understanding comes from that.

Like so many others, I grew up on the land and we used to love when our cousins came to visit from the coast. We used to go on so many adventures together and we taught them things we took for granted like riding horses, motorbikes, catching yabbies, building cubbies in trees and the old woolshed and swimming in creeks and dams.

When we went to visit them they educated us as well. I learnt to respect the ocean and how to look for rips and catch a wave. We learnt about their banana plantation and that’s where I first learnt about carpet snakes and mango trees, not to mention the leeches and eels that were in their dams. Those things still scare me!

Sadly I think the connection between the city and country is growing further apart and somehow we need to all work together and bridge the gap. We need to re-educate each other and show everyone what beautiful things each sector has to offer.

If everyone had the same compassion, love and understanding as young children I think we could achieve great things.

Looking back over some of the pictures I have shared this week I am sure these young bush kids will grow up having great memories and hopefully they too can bond with their city cousins and bond through great times making memories.

Sarah Coulton

Sarah Coulton

is a photographer for Queensland Country Life
Twitter: @QCLSarah_C
Coultons CountryQueensland Country Life photographer Sarah Coulton shows you a glimpse of rural Queensland from behind the lens.


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