Aus ag's bright future

BEING the only national organisation representing young people in agriculture requires more responsibility than just formulating actions to achieve education improvements, economic opportunities and social achievements for Australia’s future ag-inspired generation.

As a result, a team from the Future Farmers Network (FFN) will don their Akubras, dust off their boots, and enter the Brisbane EKKA main arena as the underdogs in the annual EKKA Young Farmer Challenge on Friday 9 August.

As FFN is governed by and represents the young people of Australian agriculture, its participation in the Challenge is an opportunity for its members to engage and build relationships outside of day-to-day business.

The challenge was developed by RNA’s Future Directions Committee (FDC) to encourage networking among young people in agriculture but also to test and showcase the rural skills of Queensland’s future farmers.

Racing against the clock teams will be faced with a range of new challenges, including; swag rolling, wheel-barrow races, ATV driving, tyre changes on a sky fleet vehicle and the new addition of alpaca leading.

Following the Young Farmer Challenge, the FDC and FFN will co-host the “Future Faces of Agriculture Barbeque”. This is an opportunity to catch up with old friends, meet new people, network and share stories of the year that’s been.

The barbeque is expecting to draw a crowd off over 150 unified young people all determined to play an important role in shaping the future of Australian agriculture.

The FDC and FFN are strong believers in supporting young people in agriculture by providing them the opportunity to connect and grow their networks to ensure the future of agriculture remains bright.

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