Dapper Dan works his charm

FUTURE Farmers Network (FFN) director, Dan Korff, is currently representing the hard working bachelors of the Australian bush at the NZ Fieldays 2013 Rural Bachelor of the year competition.

Flying into Wellington, Bachelor Dan’s week started with a bang as he and NZ team partner, Bachelor Simon of Team Rimu, were the first to pick up their camper van and hit the ground running on the ‘Amazing Race’-type challenge.

The bachelors were sent to a mystery location and had to follow clues aboard their camper vans to selected destinations before arriving back at Fieldays HQ.

The week has seen the eight finalists - including FarmOnline blogger Sam Trethewey - test their skills in challenges such as climbing Mt Maunganui, harness racing and speed fencing. The Aussie bachelors are putting up a good fight having already taken out the ‘Tug of War’ competition.

But despite Bachelor Dan’s intensive training regime of lifting chaff bags and four wheel motorbikes, not all challenges have been a physical test of his rural skills.

Dan got to show off his sensitive side partaking in the 'Kiwi Best Kitchen Haloumi Challenge' and an evening art class!

Proud of their valued director, Future Farmers Network - along with Dan’s growing fan base - are following his adventures this week closely via social media www.facebook.com/FieldaysDan and on twitter @FieldaysDan.

Will Dan take out the prestigious ‘Fieldays 2013 Rural Bachelor’ title? Watch this space...

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