FFN to assist in updating woolgrowers on AWI program outcomes

THE Future Farmers Network (FFN) is preparing to host two Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) Wool Clip events in Horsham, Victoria and Naracoorte, South Australia in the coming months.

Wool Clip events will update woolgrowers on the outcomes of AWI programs and have been specifically targeted to the location in which they are being held.

FFN Chair, Georgie Aley, says the Network is looking forward to the opportunity to work with AWI.

“FFN are pleased to partner with AWI to deliver a vital update to woolgrowers relevant to both their regional issues and wider industry R&D to ensure greater on-farm adoption,” Ms Aley said.

“We are also looking forward to engaging and encouraging younger farmers to attend the forums to ensure they are skilled and educated in this area, providing them with greater ability to contribute to farm management and practice decisions.”

The program for the Horsham and Naracoorte events cover a range of topics, including:

  • Keeping Flies, Lice and Worms Under Control
  • Breeding for Profitability
  • AWI Wool Market Outlook
  • Marketing Australian Wool
  • Profitability of Merino Enterprises
  • Sustainable Pasture Systems in any environment (Horsham only)
  • Profitable and Practical Merino Ewe Management (Naracoorte only)

    AWI Head of on farm research and development, Dr Jane Littlejohn, said Wool Clip intends to complement the existing AWI grower updates and activities.

    “Because the Wool Clip programs are being driven at a local level, growers are telling us what they want to hear about, so each event is tailored to suit,” she said.

    In addition to the Wool Clip events, FFN will also be hosting a causal BBQ at the conclusion of each day.

    “The casual BBQ event is a great opportunity for FFN to host a networking function for young farmers attending Wool Clip to engage and interact with the broader industry. We believe these opportunities are important for the next generation of farming to be involved with,” Ms Aley added.

    FFN, established in 2002 as Australia’s only national network of young people involved in agriculture, will be hosting two AWI Wool Clip events, one in Horsham, Victoria on 13 July 2012, and one in Naracoorte, South Australia on 17 August 2012.

    Wool Clip is a free event for all woolgrowers and registrations for both events are currently open. For more information and to register your attendance at either the Horsham or Naracoorte event please contact FFN via admin@futurefarmers.com.au

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