Focus on communication in 2011

AS WE enter 2011, technical innovation, national collaboration and enhanced value offerings will be the Future Farmers Network’s (FFN) key focus areas.

In recent months we have experienced some of the most extreme challenges that the environment can present and it is in these adverse times we must look ahead at the opportunities to come.

In the agricultural sector, communication is paramount in assisting people to acquire knowledge and achieve successful business outcomes.

FFN will focus its efforts on key areas that build and enhance communication amongst the new business managers of today.

Through technical innovation, FFN will expand its online services to better assist members to meet the increasing demands of the industry.

By fortifying the link between the industry and our members through the development of key partnerships, this will provide a significant platform for information transfer from current industry leaders to the next generation.

FFN will facilitate the engagement of existing rural, regional and state based youth groups.

Through effective co-ordination these relationships will provide a strong foundation for national collaboration moving forward.

Recent events have shown us that the environment has no regional or state boundaries and that it is only through a national, co-ordinated approach that we can be truly prepared to take advantage of these opportunities as they arise.

These initiatives will ensure that FFN can continue to offer its members a relevant and interactive network of like-minded rural associates.

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