Premier feature for FFN at Casino

THE Future Farmers Network (FFN) is dedicated to fuelling the passion shown by many of Australia’s future farmers.

Building on this drive to shape the future of Australian agriculture, FFN has partnered with the 2014 Primex Field Days to create a national first premier feature - the ‘Future of Farming’ - which will be held at Primex’s 30th anniversary exhibition from 19-21 June 2014, in Casino, NSW.

As the first of its kind in Australia, the premier feature will provide a three day showcase event. The exciting partnership announced today by FFN and Primex will deliver industry updates and highlightcareer prospects to both current and future farmers and agribusiness professionals. The Premier Feature will also play host to a series of industry networking events.

Primex Field Days annually hosts more than 900 companies and in its anniversary year, the nationally acclaimed expo is tipped to attract more than 40,000 visitors across the three days.

Spearheaded by its new premier feature, Primex will draw even stronger interest from the youth throughout Australia, while being closely aligned with 20 primary industry and grower associations, affiliated with Primex Field Days at regional, state and national levels.

“We cannot stress how significant the Future of Farming Premier Feature initiative is,’’ said Primex director Bruce Wright.

“We are at a crossroad in terms of Australia’s ability to ensure a sustainable future for farming and food production, as well as achieving our growing export interests if the average age of farmers in Australia continues to rise.

“There has never been a more important time to look to our future.” he said.

It's a sentiment echoed by FFN chair Georgie Aley, who said: “It’s important we engage both the current and future generation in Australian agriculture to ensure a viable sector going forward”.

“FFN is thrilled to announced our partnership with the 2014 Primex Field Days which provides a platform for FFN to showcase the opportunities a career in agriculture can afford a young person as well as provide key industry updates.”

The program will include interactive sessions, insights from a panel of young people in the industry and sessions from leading industry groups and agribusinesses. The future of youth in agriculture will also be celebrated at a networking event in Casino, NSW.

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