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Future Farmers Network (FFN) directors and staff are constantly out and about in the agriculture industry attending industry events and training, engaging with FFN industry partners and networking with FFN members. In October, FFN Director Kiri Broad attended the Channel Country Ladies day…

IT WAS hot, it was windy, it was dusty: but who noticed?

We were all having too much of a good time to care about a few environmental factors at the 2013 Channel Country Ladies Day at Noccundra.

I was fortunate enough to don my FFN hat and head west to the channel country to join in these festivities and celebrate with other rural women over the weekend of the 18th-20th October.

We kicked off the weekend with a Pink themed cocktail party, with plenty of cocktails and many hours of kicking up our heels. Saturday then began with yoga (for those who are that way inclined - this director, not so much… I like sleep!) and a breakfast feast to give us plenty of energy for the day’s activities.

Activities on offer included burlesque dance lessons, millinery, writing, comedy, health and wellness and self knowledge workshops and talks from rural women who have great stories to share.

I put myself in for some burlesque lessons and the comedy workshop. This resulted in me finding myself signed up for a short burlesque routine that night and somehow raising my hand when asked if anyone wanted to give stand up comedy a go! My hands have never shaken so much when I got up on that stage to recite my three minutes of (hopefully funny) jokes, but by the end I’d heard a few laughs in the audience and so it wasn’t a complete failure. PHEW. My burlesquing certainly left a lot to be desired though!

After a wonderful sit-down dinner (the catering was amazing) and some more dancing into the early hours of Sunday, the last half day session was upon us. Yoga was once more the beginning of the day (nope, still not enough to entice me to try), followed by a delicious, healthy continental breakfast. Then the sessions began once more.

I decided to try my hand at millinery, and have come out of the experience with a lovely fascinator for the Roma Cup races! Then a few more talks, a life drawing class (kindly supported by one of the gents in the house dropping his dacks for the good of rural women learning to draw) and the end was upon us.

Time to pack up our tents and swags; and walk our weary, dusty, dirty selves to the cars and head back to reality.

For me this was a fantastic few days to meet new people, have some fun and have a bit of an inward glance. For some, it was a chance to get away from the normal pressures of life on the land and relax for a weekend.

For others, it was about re-connecting with people they haven’t seen in a while and enjoying the company. Whatever the reason people turned up, it is for certain that they came away with a feeling of satisfaction and positivity.

Well done to the organising committee on a GREAT weekend of celebrations! Thank you for letting FFN (and me) be part of this event - see you all next time!

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