King Island an apt name
KING Island is a fitting name for such a beautiful, highly-productive place.
Ag in the Asian Century
WHEN it comes to China and Australian agriculture, there are three types of people.
Branding the mark of modern farming
INDUSTRY players are jostling to align the True Aussie brand with a business case that will be digitally-enabled, owned by farmers and accessible to everyone.
Bites of Beef 2015
THERE were a few cuts to Beef 2015, so Sam Trethewey decided to slice his inaugural visit into bite-sized chunks.
Chinese puzzle needs unified effort
OUR reputation precedes us in the Chinese market, but it’s not enough to think we can still trade solely off that reputation.
Fact-free zone for Meat Free Week
LAST week it was National Agriculture week in the United States, this week it’s Meat Free Week in Australia. We have a problem.
Battling the BJD debacle
QDAFF have bitten off more than they could chew by agreeing to a national policy to eradicate BJD. Now they’re choking on it.
Political drought a systemic failure
ABBOTT isn’t the problem. Newman isn’t either. In fact the Gillard Rudd circus wasn’t then and whatever hollow “leader” the system dishes up next won’t be either.
Managing collateral damage
FARMERS are where we are today because of the choices we’ve made. Decisions that justify taking on debt are ‘ballsy’ to say the least.
Beefing up youth in ag
I RECENTLY argued that the only thing wrong with youth in ag is the perception of it, and that was reinforced at the Young Beef Producers Forum.
Youth forging their own path
WITH some hard work and a bit of nouse, there’s more than a good living to be made off the land – there’s a good life as well.
The (ag) kids are alright
YOUTH in agriculture: do we even have a problem? No, we don't, says SAM TRETHEWEY.
A scrambled message
WHAT comes first, chicken or the egg? According to producers and consumers, the chicken always comes first, but the values that put the chicken first differ.
Having a crack at macas
VIDEO: THE Aussie macadamia is often known as the “king of nuts” - and one of the bigger jewels in this crown is Pacific Farms.
New tricks for old dogs
WE'RE in a transition where the culture and ideas of retirement are not evolving at the rate of our increased life expectancy, and a healthier one at that.
Why it pays to have imagination
WITH minds freshly conditioned and full of financial fog, some survivors of our moth-eaten education system have gone back to the family farm.
Sourcing the sauce
AS perceptions grow around a ‘disconnect’ between consumers and their food's origin, so do the number of venues around Australia delivering experiences for customers very close to the farmgate.
Thinking outside the product
THE times are changing in agriculture and our farming practices have to keep up if we're to successfully adapt our businesses.
Pulped fiction hurts farmers
I FIND it sad when people make decisions about what to eat or not to eat based on skewed information about agricultural production.
Cottoning on to top crop
LIKE food, cotton is something of a constant and a fibre I've probably taken for granted, until now.
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Ban live exports now. This is cruelty. Better to export the meat done here not there. We must
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What a callous Government we have that allows sheep and other exported animals to suffer the
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I think you have grossly underestimated the broader community's understanding of the trade,
VIRTUAL Reality (VR 360) technology is well-known throughout many industries and it’s about to receive a boost in agriculture, with Elders rolling the technology out nationally and providing a new dimension to marketing livestock, clearing sales and real estate.19 May 18 VIRTUAL Reality (VR 360) technology is well-known throughout many industries and it’s about to receive a boost in...
Ruralco’s expanding water business is on track to generate about a quarter of the farm services company’s gross profit this financial year as dry seasonal conditions bite harder across much of the farm sector.
16 May 18 Ruralco’s expanding water business is on track to generate about a quarter of the farm services company’s gross...