A wandering watery wonder

I have a saying: You either have a life, or you have a lawn

DEAR makers of Holman travelling sprinklers,

The front yard is looking a picture, and I feel it is only fair I pay tribute to your device. Sure, it’s not like the bowling green carpet of old mate across the road but I have a saying: You either have a life, or you have a lawn.

Whoever came up with the idea of shaping a lawn sprinkler like a small tractor was having an inspired day. It seems the invention is not a new one and perhaps you guys didn’t exactly invent it, but yours is the first one I have actually owned.

It does a superb job.

For something that moves so slowly, doing such a repetitive motion, it is surprising exactly how captivating it is. Like a small child checking if jelly is set, I find myself walking out to the yard every few minutes to see how far it has gone.

Not very far is my usual report.

True Holman Travelling Sprinkler fans make sure all the details are in order on their machine - this includes attaching the scale size steering wheel and muffler (something I’ve noticed my neighbour has failed to do).

The detail within the tractor body indicates the pride with which you produce them. Even to have a plastic mould of the engine says so much.

On occasion, I have been tempted to paint it a different colour, perhaps in the combination of some well-known heavy machinery brands.

But the drab grey and black has grown on me.

At the risk of voiding my warranty, I am considering purchasing a toy figurine to place on it so it appears that someone is behind the wheel.

I’m not sure whether it will be Superman or the Incredible Hulk perched on my wandering wonder. Whichever it is, they’ll certainly need to be waterproof.

There was a wave of re-designed models in various brands in the 90s with bright orange chassis that made them look like spaceships. Mum had one, probably after Don Burke made a recommendation.

But there is something classic about my Holman, like owning a restored vintage car.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone requests to borrow my sprinkler to take them to the prom.

I must go - I’ve got to check my sprinkler’s progress.

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