It's in the post

That crazy critter called the internet has just run roughshod over your once noble network.

DEAR Australia Post,

BACK in my day, we paid 45 cents for a stamp.

That's right, just 45c. It seemed like a good thing that was going to last forever.

We mailed postcards, letters and invoices with frivolous delight, knowing a bit of silver change was all that was needed to send the required information through the mysterious mail network to somehow emerge in our contact's letterbox.

The iconic 45c stamp represented so much - a stable thing you could rely on; a constant in a world of technology change; a sign that people could still keep in touch for less than half a dollar.

Oh how those carefree days of whimsy mailing have gone.

I do recall the first jump from 45c. (I honestly can't recall what it went to- the shock must be still resonating.)

It was like nothing ever experienced before. All of a sudden, everything was in transition and certainty was in question.

If the traditional 45er could be uprooted, what other elements within the civilised world could go the same way?

Was a teaspoon measure about to change? Could the boffins squeeze 61 minutes into an hour?

Could the Man From Snowy River suddenly chase down the colt from old Regret on a dirt bike?

Reality seemed to blur a little.

But you've come along recently with another glint of profit in your eyes, seeking out a further 10c.

This price jump of yours places another hurdle in front of the literacy of our children.

Trying to convince a younger person to take the time to pen their thoughts onto a piece of paper and then mail that paper has become all that bit harder, particularly knowing that 70c could pay for nearly three text messages, most of which will contain horrendously butchered grammar and septic spelling.

Apparently you've only increased the basic postage rate three times over the past 22 years, with the last in 2010.

Bravo, but still, it is with sadness that we watch a basic pleasure of life, the mailing and receiving of a physical letter, become more costly.

Yes, it is easy for me to complain about the price kick but I do realise you are doing it tough.

That crazy critter called the internet has just run roughshod over your once noble network.

Perhaps I shall write it a letter as well. I would be happy to raise any concerns you have.

I am sure you will appreciate the irony in me writing this letter to you digitally, thus denying you a further 70c.

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