On board the freedom train

It’s no wonder people pile into boats and chance their luck on open oceans in order to meet you

DEAR freedom,

Sorry, but we’ve taken you for granted. Yes, yes I know - we enjoy you day in, day out so you think we’d take the time to say thank you, but we really don’t.

It’s great to have you around, freedom. Because of you we’ve still got protestors and placards and letters to the editor and forums and workshops and think-tanks. And ice cream.

Because of you I am able to have these words published and likewise, people are able to read them.

I realise that you are an identity of the world but not welcome in some lands, which really is a bit blue. Those who have come from said lands and find you elsewhere often fall in love with your many charms.

It’s no wonder people are piling into boats and chancing their luck on open oceans in order to meet you.

It’s sad to think some will never have heard the chime of 'Greensleeves' as the pink 1970s van pulls around the corner offering ice cream. To me, you are present in every note coming from that dodgy loudspeaker held onto the roof with silicon.

I don’t need to remind you that there are some unscrupulous types out there who are willing to take advantage of you.

They will claim, because of you, they have the right to inflict damage or incite hate or even publish rot, to which some will even regard this but at least it is low-impact rot.

I must admit, you certainly get around.

It’s great to have you on the floor of parliament, in the classroom and at the backyard barbecue when the discussion turns to ice cream flavours. (The fact you make purchasing Neapolitan even possible is a testament in itself.)

As Australian freedom, you are even more special again, different to your counterparts in their various forms in other parts of the globe.

Singers have sung about you, painters have painted about you and politicians have declared your presence with pride.

So thank you freedom - your acquaintance is truly one to be cherished.

And thanks for ice cream.

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Bill De Berg
29/01/2014 6:22:46 AM

and the illusion of democracy! the show is run from abroad and we the people still haven't noticed we;re all heading for the same debt slave dump heap. wake up comrades
29/01/2014 6:38:02 AM

Freedom includes the right to publish rot. Freedom is also universal, not different in other parts of the globe. And it's "incite", not insight. Ed's note: Well spotted. Typo now corrected.
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