School's out, for now

DEAR graduating class of 2013,

LOOK, out there, beyond that mobile phone screen and pillow cover - that’s the future out there, and it’s all yours.

Who would have thought you’d have made it this far? Me, for one.

I mean, come on, there were times there I was contemplating shutting down the entire class of 2013 and hitting the reset button.

But you’ve gone on to surprise us and do good. Most of you have anyway.

We see the usual suspects who took their "can’t touch me" attitude from the classroom to the Gold Coast streets are now the ones in handcuffs or having their stomachs pumped.

For the vast majority of you though, well done - a golden effort. It’s been a slog but you’ve made it.

You may have done it simply to please your parents and that’s to be commended. They know things you don’t yet so take comfort in that.

Also, it’s cheaper to have you at home than it is to have you move out, then move back broke.

Of course, you aren’t the only ones to have completed 12 years of schooling, let’s be clear about that. You haven’t graduated during a World War or in a Depression either.

Realities like that are going to start coming thick, fast and blunt. Welcome to the world.

That’s not taking anything away from that fact that you are all ahead of the curve. An education puts you so far in front of so many already.

And from big fish in a small pond, you become small fish in a big pond, which is a valuable lesson to learn.

Don’t think you’re a shark just yet, or you’ll end up as flake.

Some of you will be taking a gap year, or a year "off". Exactly how you take a year "off" from life remains something of a mystery to me.

Is it like taking your seatbelt off? You just want to feel what it’s like? That’s fine, as long as you don’t rear-end one of those hulking Chrysler sedans.

Some of you won’t be able to afford to have a year off because you’ll be paying off your prom/formal expenses.

That frock, tuxedo, make-up, hair, spray tan, car, dinner ticket, corsage, photography, jewellery and dry cleaning (who’d of thought vomit would stain a pink suit?) didn’t come cheap.

So go forth ye dreamers and destiny searchers.

Just make sure you have the L plates on for as long as you need.

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