Taking on the tuckshop

You’ve got to be able to interpret the spaghetti handwriting of third-graders

DEAR tuckshop ladies,

YOU may not realise it at the time but your actions could affect the national economy in the immediate future.

You see, you may be young Mabel or Alex’s first consumer spending encounter.

Armed with 20c gripped tightly within the small, clammy hand, the first time buyer approaches the counter, drumming up all the courage he or she can muster, to inquire what might be purchased for that handsome sum.

Though not statistically provable, I would hazard a bet that nine out of 10 tuckshop ladies would respond with one of their best smiles before guiding the young’un through their purchase options.

The decision is made, money exchanged and the delighted student prances off with their Killer Python or bag of musk sticks in hand.*

With a positive experience had, that student will likely return to the tuckshop and perhaps brave the larger world of retailing as they get older, all due to your friendly disposition and caring nature.

There is no reason why that same student couldn’t go on to major in business with the aim of buying and selling major international commodities and therefore driving along the local economy.

Okay, so perhaps not in bulk loads of jelly snakes and pink sweets, but that first exchange was crucial in setting him/her on that path.

You, dear ladies, are the very essence of what volunteering is all about. Sandwiches don’t make themselves and those mini sausage rolls don’t just magically appear in the pie warmer.

To think you would give up your precious day, one that probably already involves food preparation and children, to be involved with food preparation and children, is truly remarkable.

The task you undertake involves far more than knowledge in money and food handling.

You’ve got to be able to interpret the spaghetti handwriting of third-graders, while knowing the difference between an Icy Pole and a Calippo.

This letter is addressed to tuckshop “ladies” but each of point of praise goes equally to those men who don the aprons and plastic gloves.

Yours is a great work and very much appreciated within the school, community and future big business.

*Note: Having not purchased from a tuckshop for many years, my value rates for items may be somewhat off here. Still, it’s sometimes nice to dream it’s still 1986.

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