The sweetest surprise

Unexpected, unannounced, unnecessary, yet you appear, perhaps as a gift or sheer circumstance

DEAR surprise chocolate,

Well my old friend, here we are. Not a special celebration, not a birthday treat, not a holiday - just an excuse brought to me be random chance.

There you were, having fallen behind the tin of International Roast in the pantry, thinking your existence was safe, only to be discovered by yours truly.

You, surprise chocolate, remain one of life’s treats. Unexpected, unannounced, unnecessary, yet you appear, perhaps as a gift or in this instance, sheer circumstance.

Though you are only small, a single Freddo Frog to be precise, your temptation is large.

The decent thing would be to share you with the rest of the household. That’s if the rest of the household knew you existed.

They do not.

Were you found by the “others” you’d have stood no chance, let alone having a letter written to you.

I have encountered you a few times throughout my life so far - the road trip where a fellow traveller has purchased you in the service station; the appearance on my desk from some kind-hearted colleague; the stocking filler; the Easter basket.

Several times, I must admit, when a thank-you present has been handed my direction my heart sinks a little when I see the wine-shaped bottle.

I would be far more excited to see the shape of a Whitman’s Sampler or Ferrero Rocher container.

For reasons unknown, surprise chocolate, you taste better than chocolate bought with intent.

Perhaps it is because one’s tastebuds have no time to prepare for the onslaught of flavour that is about to pass over them.

Or maybe the fact that no money was exchanged for you makes you highly desirable, as if you have entered my life on your own free will. I am touched.

And so, in the name of cocoa growers around the world, I consume you with delight.

May our paths again inadvertently cross somewhere in the future, maybe even tomorrow when I clean out the next pantry shelf.

The Iceberg LettersDear readers - the majority of an iceberg sits below the surface, and it may just take one special letter to see what else lurks under the tip of a topic.


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