Brabin to head up CAAB

KATE Brabin is set to take the reins of big beef brand, Certified Australian Angus Beef (CAAB) from October 1.

She will replace current CEO Phil Morley who is stepping down.

Ms Brabin joined CAAB in 2007 and is currently supply relationships manager based on the family farm at Eurongilly in southern NSW.

CAAB chairman Peter Trahar said Ms Brabin had been intimately involved in the maintenance of the quality programs that had underpinned the CAAB and Angus Pure brands.

Ms Brabin cut her teeth in the meat industry working with Meat Standards Australia (MSA), delivering meat quality standards to the consumer.

She went on to start her own business providing grading services to small scale processors as well as quality assurance system support before joining CAAB.

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