Swan dons new wool role

Dr Swan is well known to woolgrowers having spent his working life in the wool and textile industry

PAUL Swan has been appointed by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) to the new position of general manager, research.

After reviewing the current human resource requirements across research for the company, AWI chief executive officer Stuart McCullough said the Board had endorsed his decision to create the expanded position.

Dr Swan is well known to woolgrowers having spent his working life to date in the wool and textile industry, the past 13 years with AWI. Mr McCullough said he was a perfect fit for the role given his deep knowledge of the production of the fibre, its attributes and the global markets in which it is now sold.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul for his role as acting Head of On Farm R&D to date and also for his agreement to undertake the challenge of this new expanded position," Mr McCullough said.

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