Erin: Technology a challenge and an opportunity

The issue: What do you see as the big challenges and opportunities facing agriculture?

I BELIEVE technology is one of the biggest opportunities but also one of the biggest challenges.

Technology not only in terms of computing systems and being more mobile with how we run our businesses, but technology in the paddock too, in terms of research and the advances that can be made by learning more about our soils and also research into GMs and the like.

We need to embrace technology and use it to our advantage.

To do that we need infrastructure but we also need to keep training ourselves with new technologies, and being open to possibilities of doing things differently.

Things are forever evolving and we need to evolve our systems to keep up too.

I believe that the uncertainty of seasonal conditions will always be there, as will huge input costs.

We need to manage them and make the most of the good times when we can.

Perhaps advances in technology will help us along the way, but farmers need to help themselves and be proactive to new ideas too.

Erin Green

Erin Green

is a graingrower from Yuna, WA, and a member of Rabobank's Young Farmers Master Class
Young Farmers Master ClassFollow five Aussie farmers' journey to the Netherlands for the Rabobank Young Farmers Master Class.


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