James: Strategy matters on the farm... and in the forest

Every person... has the capacity to succeed by having a strategy and seeing it through

Day one:

WHEN you think of a van of people with blindfolds on, taken into the forest and left there with a goal to complete certain tasks within a certain time frame with incomplete and obscure information, you probably conjur an image of some crack special forces unit.

Alas it's just a bunch of farmers in a Dutch national park doing a team building exercise.

Today we were put through our paces and forced to work as a team with people we had never met in an environment that was foreign to us.

This seemed to be a great icebreaker to begin the Rabobank Young Farmers Masterclass in Holland.

The group is very diverse with farmers from 16 countries and a vast range of enterprises and backgrounds represented. But we all have something in common and that is the job of feeding and clothing the world.

Today we were challenged.

Our leadership skills and group dynamics were given some very difficult tests and this revealed some important considerations: the need for effective communication, for identifying strengths in people and structuring your team with those strengths in mind and the need for stopping and thinking, taking into account the perspectives of others in order to effectively overcome adversity.

Every person, regardless of education, wealth and looks has the capacity to succeed by having a strategy and seeing it through.

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  • James McShane

    James McShane

    is a farmer in Tasmania's Midlands and a member of Rabobank's Young Farmers Master Class.
    Young Farmers Master ClassFollow five Aussie farmers' journey to the Netherlands for the Rabobank Young Farmers Master Class.


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