James: The restaurant to watch

A feature of the Friesland Campina innovation centre is this giant milk splash which has a video projected on the middle of it.
A feature of the Friesland Campina innovation centre is this giant milk splash which has a video projected on the middle of it.

Day 3:

WAGENINGEN University and Research - Exploring the potential of nature to improve the quality of life.

This is the mission statement for what we all agreed was a very impressive university.

The grounds were open and spacious and the buildings modern and big but what's more is the all too brief discussion we had about the current research fields in agriculture.

It revealed future advances in science that could help revolutionise the businesses of everyone in the room.

We learnt about recent advances in genomics in plants, biological pest control and the advances in controlled growing environments.

We heard about the development of a detection kit for parasitic nematodes developed by creating a database of the DNA sequences of thousands of nematodes found in soils.

A fascinating subject was that surrounding the biological economy - this being the creation of feed, fuel, energy, materials and chemicals from plants and other biological materials.

Biofuels and bio plastics are already becoming very popular in the world for their environmental benefits.

We also visited the innovation centre at Friesland Campina, the biggest farmer co-op in the Netherlands. About $A600,000 worth of milk enters their processing plants every hour!

Ever been to a restaurant where they film everything you do for research purposes?

We did, it was very interesting and they also have labs in the building for doing highly targeted testing on food acceptance and human behaviour when selecting and consuming food.

Basically it's like the big brother house but with scientists watching!

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