James: Where to next?

Maybe we should be looking beyond the boundary fences of our own farms.

Homeward bound

SO what should the outcome of the Rabobank Young Farmers Master Class be?

Should we as young farmers be going home thinking that we are the best and that we are doing everything right? After what we learnt last week we'd more likely be thinking that we've got plenty of room for improvement and will be trying to facilitate positive change as soon as possible.

Maybe we should be looking beyond the boundary fences of our own farms.

It's a good opportunity to be going back to our countries and continuing to foster positivity, innovation, and strict attention to the needs of the next generation of farmers.

Farmware - our app - certainly is the avenue for me to apply what I've learnt during the Rabobank Young Farmers Master Class to help develop an innovative and technological environment within farming businesses around the world.

Electronic record keeping is such an easy, cheap and logical step forward for farmers to progress their farming business, to keep pace with other sectors in the business world and allow for sound decision making, traceability and accountability on their farm.

I've certainly gained some insights, in the last week, to give me a good yardstick as to what people expect and what people will demand in the future both on and off farm.

As for my farm, well I won't be making any radical changes soon!

Instead I will think about the the advice given by one of the presenters at the Master Class: "The best vision for the future is peripheral vision".

I think going forwards we all need to think outside the square if we are going to successfully feed our families and feed the world.

Farming is a growing business with an ever expanding market so the future is bright.

I think that consumers need to put more value on products from farms because low prices on the supermarket shelves don't hurt the retailers, they hurt the producers. It's the farmers who always feel the financial squeeze.

I guess it's a good thing we love what we do!

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  • James McShane

    James McShane

    is a farmer in Tasmania's Midlands and a member of Rabobank's Young Farmers Master Class.
    Young Farmers Master ClassFollow five Aussie farmers' journey to the Netherlands for the Rabobank Young Farmers Master Class.


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