$23.60 ewes top clearing sale

03 Dec, 1999 04:00 AM

IT might have been hot and it might have been humid but people turned up in droves to check out the bargains at the Elders multi-vendor clearing sale at Mayanup. Held on the Lee-Steere brothers' Wingalup Grazing Company's Tweedale property, the event attracted interest from around the South West. More than 250 buyers registered to put in a bid, while many more were simply there to have a look and a chat and see what was earning what. The day's proceedings kicked off at high noon with the sale of assorted wethers and ewes from Wingalup's Tweedale and Roe Marie properties, augmented by 29 rams from Ian Robinson's Curlew Valley Poll Dorset stud. The best value among the Merinos, all Sunny Valley blood with an average flock micron of 20.5, was $23.60 for 388 2.5yo November shorn ewes, paid by Yandilla Grazing, Manypeaks. This lot narrowly tipped out a pen of 299 wether lambs for top price honours, with these July drop unshorn lambs earning $23.40 in the face of spirited bidding. This lot went to IJ & DL Collins, Kendenup. The Collins definitely came with the intention of taking home some good quality lambs because they took the next pen < a line of 253 ewe lambs < for $20.80. The next lot of 322 younger ewes < 1.5yo November shorn types < were knocked down for $19 to Boyup Brook buyer Tom Oversby, while the second of the two pens of 2.5yo ewes went for a solid $21. JB & RA Worgan, Metricup, were successful bidders on two of the older lines, paying $15.60 for 215 3.5yo ewes then $14.20 for 165 4.5yo. The last three pens, all of 5.5yo ewes, went to three different homes < Twiga Farm, Kojonup, bought 490 for $15.60 while the Boyup Brook Lee-Steeres bought a similar number for $15.20. The last lot of 114 went to KJ & RA Brooks, Boyup Brook, for $12. The best of the Poll Dorset rams found favour with G Hills, Boyup Brook, who bought seven at $170 a head and six at $155. A further 16 were distributed between two buyers who paid $50 each for the privilege. With the animals out of the way, it was time to move out to the paddock where buyers and the curious mingled to look over plant and machinery new, old and positively antique. There was everything for the discerning, and perhaps not so discerning, buyer from yabby nets and sawn timber to antique drills and household appliances and buyers came and went from the group that moved from lot to lot as something took their fancy. The big money was paid for a John Deere 2650 MFWD 77hp, with a Keyzich front end loader bucket and 3000 hours on the clock, which went for $26,600 and was sold by PD & SR Nield. Another John Deere machine, this time a 920 mower conditioner from Wingalup, made $14,000. A Wingalup Grazing 4080 Chamberlain tractor which had done 4300 hours was knocked down for $8500 while a New Holland 855 round baler sold for $4200. A Viking MT415H ride-on mower attracted plenty of interest early on and was eventually sold for $2850.


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