$70m for saleyards

20 Nov, 2007 09:00 PM

THE State Government will soon have $70 million in its coffers after an announcement last week that the sale of the 33ha Midland saleyards has been finalised to the Goodman Group.

The price tag was significantly more than many senior livestock industry members expected and the news was warmly welcomed by producers around the state.

Cattle and sheep farmers in the state’s south are now holding Agriculture Minister Kim Chance to his promise to direct funds from the yard’s sale to regional yards which are in need of upgrading.

The decision on when and how the money will be distributed now lies with Treasurer Eric Ripper and livestock producers are waiting anxiously for his decision.

Mr Chance told Farm Weekly the main priority was the completion of the Muchea facility and finalising Midland’s operations.

“Work towards meeting the needs of the regional yards must proceed as quickly as possible, but not at the expense of getting Muchea right,” he said.

“I will go to the Treasurer with a well-formed case for assistance to the regional yards.

“I will expect the WA Meat Industry Authority to work with industry representatives to make the best cases.

“The Government is not going to be able resolve all the perceived difficulties in regard to regional saleyards without serious involvement of industry and serious commitment of industry resources.”

There have also been calls from some sectors of the livestock industry to use part of the revenue from the Midland yard’s sale to fund more abattoirs in WA.


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