A farmer's prayer for rain

27 Jun, 2001 10:00 PM

WA Farmers are being encouraged to pray to open up the heavens on Sunday.

Pingrup farmer and prayer organiser Judith Stanich believed it had worked in 1996 and were hoping the same would happen this year, with all farmers being encouraged to say a prayer this Sunday at about 11am.

It is hoped that with more people praying at the same time the prayer power would be increased.

She described the plight of farmers in her area as "bloody desperate" and in their case only one inch of rain had fallen since the beginning of the season.

They had cut back their cropping program and were spreading their sheep thinner over the paddocks. They have had good pasture seed germination.

Mrs Stanich said the situation was worse for single unit farmers where children had gone to boarding school leaving many parents isolated and with little means of mutual support.

She said church congregations would be reciting the prayer on Sunday and urged all farmers to get involved, despite the cynics.

"I think it will make people feel better," she said.

The prayer to recite is:

"God. We see You in so many places - when we are seeding in the middle of the night and look up at the vastness of the universe and see a falling star when we are watching a beautiful sunset, a calf being born, or the ripples made on a dam from flicking flies.

We feel You in so many ways - when we are running the dirt through our fingers, feeling it, smelling it and knowing that it is from this earth from which we came and to which we will return.

When we are driving our trucks along our roads, when we are sitting in front of a warm wood fire, when we watch our children feed the pet lamb or when we share happy times with family and friends.


We see and feel You in so many different ways but we know that You are there.

We thank You for all the good things in our lives, the stability of our Governments, our political and religious freedom and the easy way of life that is part of being an Australian and which we so often take for granted.

Today, Lord, we ask You to look upon us and give us the rain we so badly need in order to grow our crops and pastures so that we can provide for our families and fulfill our obligations.

We ask that You grant us the support and comfort of Your presence so that we can get through this season, not matter what the outcome.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ.



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