A happy innovator

25 Sep, 2002 10:00 PM

WELLSTEAD farmer Tony Poad will make a lot of his peers happy with an invention which won him the Farm Weekly Farm Innovation award at last week's Mingenew Expo.

Called the Enviro-Trolley, it is a tube frame on three wheels that snugly fits around a standing drum. Then simple foot pressure on a bar attached to the rear wheel causes the drum to lock into the trolley for easy transportation.

Tony has designed the trolley with adjustable brackets to suit different size drums and has a tongue bracket to secure Enviro Drums.

Once on the trolley the drum can be locked in place by a simple safety catch.

The idea came to Tony when a friend asked him if he could make something to shift Enviro Drums around.

"I came up with the trolley and once my mate used it other people started asking whether I could make trolleys for other drums," Tony said. "So that's where the adjustable brackets came in."

The trolley is designed with a low centre of gravity to ensure the drum is kept stable and is not accidentally dislodged when it sits on the trolley.

"With the safety catch it should never happen," Tony said.


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