Academic fury over Monckton talk at uni

30 Jun, 2011 05:03 AM
Lord Christopher Monckton ... climate skeptic. Photo: Stefan Postles
Lord Christopher Monckton ... climate skeptic. Photo: Stefan Postles

THE mining mogul Gina Rinehart has sponsored a speech by the British climate sceptic Lord Christopher Monckton at a West Australian university, which is facing calls from academics to dump the talk.

Lord Monckton will give the Lang Hancock Lecture - named after Ms Rinehart's father - at Fremantle's University of Notre Dame today. His speech is called ''The Climate of Freedom''.

A spokeswoman for the university said the decision to choose Lord Monckton to speak was made ''in discussion with the sponsor of the event'', Hancock Prospecting, which is chaired by Ms Rinehart. The spokeswoman confirmed the sponsorship of Hancock Prospecting had covered ''all costs associated with hosting the lecture''.

Lord Monckton attracted controversy after comparing Labor's climate change adviser, Professor Ross Garnaut, to a Nazi in the United States last month.

A letter circulating among Australian academics calls on Notre Dame to cancel the lecture. ''In hosting this lecture, Notre Dame University is undermining the academic community,'' the letter signed by 50 academics and PhD students states. ''Notre Dame University has a responsibility to avoid promoting discredited views on an issue of public risk.''

Ms Rinehart is a shareholder in Fairfax Media, publisher of the Herald.

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jim hawkins
30/06/2011 6:49:34 AM, on Farm Weekly

So, what happened to freedom of speech? These academics should be ashamed, that the very idea of a sound education is to listen to a wide range of ideas and views for individuals to form a conclusion. Back to school for you lot. And well done to Gina for organising this event.
Ian Mott
30/06/2011 6:50:38 AM, on Farm Weekly

Gee wiz. Surely academics wouldn't stoop to stiffling public debate, would they? Surely their lavishly funded climate science gravy train is not so fragile that it won't survive a single lecture by one gentleman? Well, it was academia that gave the world Pol Pot.
Tom Chesson
30/06/2011 7:24:42 AM, on Farm Weekly

Ridiculous - whether mockton is a clown or not is not the point. Since when did academic's start calling for people to banned and kicked off campus? If you kicked every fruit loop, with wacky ideas off campus there wouldn't be too many people left ...
30/06/2011 9:51:15 AM, on Farm Weekly

The fact that the academic mob want to silence Monckton proves the weakness of their climate change theory.
30/06/2011 3:20:16 PM, on Farm Weekly

'Promoting discredited views' my fat @^$*.
Ted O'Brien
2/07/2011 2:26:15 AM, on Farm Weekly

Which academics? Which PhD students? Only 50? Why bother to report them?


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