Add your name to Ausbuy's anti-BSE import petition

25 Feb, 2010 08:36 AM

AUSTRALIAN-owned advocacy group Ausbuy is calling on members of the public to sign a petition requesting the proposed changes to beef import laws be withdrawn.

The petition must be signed by Sunday, February 28 so that it may be given to the government and opposition before the rules change on March 1.

Ausbuy's petition states that Australia's quality management standards are high than those in other countries.

For example, a steak in New York could be traced back to a farm in Toowoomba, however the USA did not tag its beef and inspected only one in every 2000 animals for disease.

Ausbuy also claims its research shows consumers want to buy Australian food, and know which country the product they are buying comes from.

To add your name to Ausbuy's petition, visit -bse-beef-imports.html

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no joke
25/02/2010 11:32:18 PM, on Farm Weekly

just do it folks and spread the word to every living soul you can! as I am sure the dead ones are turning in their grave.


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