AFTER good rains in the southern part of the state last week, it was central Wheatbelt farmers¹ turn

24 Apr, 2007 08:45 PM

Falls up to 70mm were recor-ded north of Dowerin, while some Mukinbudin farmers also recorded up to 70mm.

Other areas to have signifi-cant rain included 22mm at Bullfinch, 19mm at Bencubbin, 70mm at Meckering and 24mm at Southern Cross.

Evan and Ruth Maddock, who farm just south of Mukin-budin, said they had 70mm.

³It came pretty quickly,² Mr Maddock said.

³The power is out all over the place and there was some damage to fences, but that is insignificant when you get as good a rain as this.²

Mr Maddock said the rain had given everyone a boost, and with water supplies no longer a problem, pasture was expected to grow pretty quickly.

³The last few days have been warm and the soil is still warm, so the pasture will germinate quickly,² he said.

³We spent the last month cleaning out dams so the rain couldn¹t have come at a better time for our water supply.²

Bonnie Rock farmers Reg and Di Maddock, who are related to the Mukinbudin Maddocks, said they received 48.5mm.

³The first 35mm came very quickly, but the remainder was a good, steady soaking rain,² Di Maddock said.

Landmark Cunderdin agent Peter Greenslade said the rain-fall was very patchy in his region.

³Cunderdin itself only had 14mm, but just south of Cunder-din falls of 70mm were recor-ded, while other farmers only had 5mm,² Mr Greenslade said.

³Meckering was flooded so there was obviously a fair bit of rain there.²

North of Dowerin was ano-ther area to get a good soaking with falls up to 70mm recorded at Ejanding.

Elders Dowerin merchandise manager Joel Lancaster said as was usually the case with thunderstorms, it was pretty patchy around the place.

³We had a significant rain to the north, the town itself received 24mm, but farms only 15km south of town only had 5mm,² Mr Lancaster said.

³Farmers are not rushing into seeding.

³They will wait for a germination and get into it.

³Some of the guys with bigger programs may go straight away, but it just depends if we get anymore rain or not.²

Meanwhile, farmers in nor-thern WA are now hoping it¹ll be their turn next.

Geraldton Landmark agrono-mist Richard Marsland said no rain had fallen in the region yet.

³People are starting to worry about water for stock and there is wide scale feeding of sheep going on,² he said.

³Some farmers out towards Morawa and Mullewa have dec-ided to dry seed, but most are waiting and hoping for a good rain.

³It is still; on average the break of the season is May 20, so hopefully rain is on the way.²


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