After sales service in Indonesia

29 Sep, 2000 03:02 PM

THE joint live export support program between Livecorp and Meat and Livestock Australia reached an important milestone recently with the completion of a cattle restraining facility for Indonesian abattoirs. Livecorp chief executive officer Kevin Shiell said the request followed earlier discussions with Indonesian importers during the Joint Working Group meeting in Jakarta in July. "Given the larger size of Australia cattle compared with local Indonesian cattle, assistance was requested to provide a facility that resembled a cattle crush, which should improve meat quality and profitability for our clients," Mr Shiell said. He said the model prototype had been developed and had been loaded on to a live cattle vessel that sailed last month. "The construction was carried out in Darwin and it is anticipated that it will be fitted into the nominated abattoir by the end of September," Mr Shiell said. "An Australian consultant with long experience in Asian processing systems will oversee its installation and assist in assessing its effectiveness." Meat and Livestock Australia national livestock export manager John Wotton said the development of after-sales service programs and infrastructure support was critical in key and emerging export markets. "In addition to infrastructure support, the joint Livecorp and MLA program also provides training for the Asian processing industry along with technical assistance for the feedlot industry," Mr Wotton said. "Indonesia is now leading the charge as Australia's number one market for cattle with more than 152,000 head exported (year to July) and it is important we maintain an appropriate level of service for this market. "We look forward to forging even stronger relationships with importers to ensure the program is delivered in a way that is focused and relevant to each market's needs."


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